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Charitable Giving Statistics

Source: Giving USA 2012

Individual and Family Philanthropy

  • 88% of households give to charity.1
  • The average annual household contribution is $2,213 while the mean is $870.1
  • Americans gave $298.3 billion in 2011. This reflects a 3.9% increase from 2010.2
  • Corporate giving held steady in 2011 at $14.55 billion.2
  • Foundation giving increased in 2011 to $41.67 billion–a 1.8% increase from 2010.4
  • In 2011, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals at $217.79 billion, or 73% of total giving; followed by foundations ($41.67 billion/14%), bequests ($24.41 billion/8%), and corporations ($14.55 billion/5%).2
  • In 2011, the majority of charitable dollars went to religion (32%), education (13%), human services (12%), and grantmaking foundations (9%).2
  • International Affairs organizations experienced the largest giving increase in 2011, receiving 7.6% more than the previous year, making the two-year increase more than 15%.2
  • Charitable giving accounted for 2% of gross domestic product in 2010.2
  • Historically, charitable giving rises about one-third as fast as the stock market.3
  • It is estimated that between $6.6 trillion and $27.4 trillion in charitable bequests will be made between 1998-2052.5
  • It is estimated total charitable contributions will total between $21.2 to $55.4 trillion in between 1998-2052.5
  • By the year 2055, some $41 trillion will change hands as Americans pass on their accumulated assets to the next generation.5
  • 95% of high net worth households give to charity.6
  • 62% of high net worth donors cite “giving back to the community” as a chief motivation for giving.6
  • Last year, the greatest percentage of high net worth households gave to educational (80 percent) and basic needs (79 percent) organizations, followed by 69% to the arts, 65% to health related organizations, and 65% to religious organizations.6
  • In 2010, 140 of the largest charities reported receiving $12 billion in online donations, compared to the $887 million received in 2009.7

Charitable Organizations: the tax-exempt sector

  • In 2011, there were approximately 1,080,130 charitable organizations in the United States, a 15.6% decrease from 2010.2
  • There are an estimated 322,485 congregations in the United States in June 2013.9
  • In 2010, public charities reported over $1.51 trillion in total revenues and $2.71 trillion in total assets.10
  • 62% of tax-exempt organizations that filed a tax return in 2009 had assets under $100,000 with cumulative revenue of $32.3 billion. 10
  • Tax-exempt organizations with assets over $100 million make up 0.4% of the sector and reported revenue of $1.1 trillion in 2009. 10
  • Sources of revenue for tax-exempt organizations in 2008 were: Program Services and Contracts (69.26%); Contributions, Gifts, & Grants (22.75%); Dues, Net Sales, & Other Income (5%); Investment Income (2.71%); Net Special Events Income (0.28%).11
  • The number of foundations has increased 242% since 1980; 33.6% since 2000; and 6% since 2005.11
  • In 2010, nonprofits accounted for 9.2% of all wages and salaries paid in the United States.10

Volunteering (Individuals)

  • 64.3 million adults volunteered 15.2 billion hours of service, worth an estimated value of $296.2 billion.12
  • The estimated dollar value of volunteer time is $19.54 per hour for 2011.13
  • The top four national volunteer activities are fundraising or selling items to raise money (26.2%), food collection or distribution (23.6%), general labor or transportation (20.3%), and tutoring or teaching (18.2%).14
  • The top four volunteer areas are for religious (34.4%), educational (26.6%), social service (14.2%), and health (8.2%) organizations.14

Donor-Advised Funds

  • There were 177,357 donor-advised fund accounts in 2011.15
  • Donor-advised funds held $37.43 billion in assets in 2011.15
  • Annual contributions into donor-advised funds were $9.64 billion in 2011.15
  • Donors recommended grants from donor-advised funds totaling $7.7 billion to charities in 2011.15
  • Average donor-advised fund account size was $211,067 in 2011.15

Supporting Organizations

  • There are more than 57,000 Supporting Organizations operating in the United States.16
  • Supporting organizations have combined total assets of $76-billion.17

Other Charitable Giving Vehicles

  • There were 93,828 Charitable Remainder Unitrusts with total assets of $86.90 billion in 2011.17
  • There were 15,862 Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts with total assets of $7.14 billion in 2011.17
  • There were 6,617 Charitable Lead Trusts with total assets of $20.95 billion in 2011.17
  • There were 1,402 Pooled Income Funds with total assets of $1.31 billion in 2011.17


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